Betting on Romance

The Love Wager by Lynn Painter. Breakups are always tough. They leave you reluctant to get back into dating and wondering if you’ll ever find that person who is “The One.” So what do you do? Well, if you’re Hallie Piper and Jack Marshall, you meet each other on a dating app, become the wingman … More Betting on Romance

Burning Rage, Part 2

“I don’t know much about people, Savine,” he said, his voice low. “Don’t understand them most of the time. It’s the nuances, the subtleties of the words they say that make it hard for me to know what they’re really telling me.” He paused and sniffed. “And most of the time I misread them, get … More Burning Rage, Part 2

Hunting Season—Part 2 

The emptiness of the unlit country road unnerved him. He barely knew these two sisters and wasn’t sure who he might find at their house. Their father? Older brothers? As they sped through the pitch-black night, Jacob’s thoughts fixated on stories he’d heard about rural, backwater communities in the Florida panhandle. With Delilah in the … More Hunting Season—Part 2