“Maybe it’s the curse of modern humanity that pulls us into the cocoon of our own lives. Our salvation is the capacity to reemerge with wings and take flight like a butterfly.” Sofia writing to Jesse Date: November 3From: JesseSubject: Cruise to Baja California Dear Sofia, When I saw you standing on the ship’s railing … More Butterflies

Satin Slippers

I pulled the 35-year-old photo from my purse and handed it to her. It was nestled in front of a piece of cardboard inside a plastic sandwich bag. “Ohhh.” She let out a breath as she studied the photo of her in a pink ballgown and my father in his black tuxedo. A single teardrop … More Satin Slippers

The Perfect Gift

This gift was just perfect, so what else could I do except hope that dear Santa sends this gift to you! A week before Christmas and all through the place I was hustlin’ and bustlin’. The usual rat race. Bought a new bike for Rob and software for Chris Plus several weird gizmos they’d put … More The Perfect Gift