“Maybe it’s the curse of modern humanity that pulls us into the cocoon of our own lives. Our salvation is the capacity to reemerge with wings and take flight like a butterfly.” Sofia writing to Jesse Date: November 3From: JesseSubject: Cruise to Baja California Dear Sofia, When I saw you standing on the ship’s railing … More Butterflies

Forbidden Union

Khufukaef was one of the inhabitants of the Theban hills. They were strange people, with powers the Egyptians did not possess. There were stories of miracles. Blades that could cut the hardest stone as if it was butter. Wheeled sledges that could move the heaviest rocks as if they were the weight of feathers. He … More Forbidden Union

Trick or Treat

The Shipley house was a hulking, dilapidated wooden box. It sat at the end of Benton Avenue long before the other houses were built. Small arched windows jutting from the roof reminded Alex of watching eyes. Dark screens enclosed the front porch. They hung in tatters and concealed whatever lurked behind them. Alex Cromwell glanced … More Trick or Treat