Burning Rage

At the traditional homecoming bonfire at Lake Jackson Technical College, Savine Marek and her twin brother Wallace take revenge against football player Skip Denton. Will their action lead Skip to regret his transgression? “Burning Rage,” a story of misplaced trust and remorseless aggression on Wattpad. Read “Burning Rage” here. Written by Allorianna Matsourani Copyright 2020

The Perfect Gift

This gift was just perfect, so what else could I do except hope that dear Santa sends this gift to you! A week before Christmas and all through the place I was hustlin’ and bustlin’. The usual rat race. Bought a new bike for Rob and software for Chris Plus several weird gizmos they’d put … More The Perfect Gift


She spent most of her workday in her home office. Her supervisor and coworkers met with her via online conference, and the company delivered office supplies to her door. She deposited checks, purchased groceries, and scheduled car maintenance with phone and computer apps. The latest movies streamed to her TV, and she paid bills online. … More Unplugged

Hunting Season—Part 2 

The emptiness of the unlit country road unnerved him. He barely knew these two sisters and wasn’t sure who he might find at their house. Their father? Older brothers? As they sped through the pitch-black night, Jacob’s thoughts fixated on stories he’d heard about rural, backwater communities in the Florida panhandle. With Delilah in the … More Hunting Season—Part 2