When a Scowl Belies a Tender Heart

Georgie, All Along

by Kate Clayborn.

Be ready to stay up reading all nightGeorgie, All Along is a real page-turner. The depth of emotion shared through the viewpoints of Georgie Mulcahy and Levi Fanning pulled me into their story as though I were right there living it with them.

Georgie and Levi are total opposites, and each has a particular way of approaching life. Georgie is open and spontaneous. She’s there and ready to help when you need her, and has a knack for organizing thingsexcept her own life. Levi is a contractor who lives carefully within the parameters set by his home and work. He’s awkward in social settings and prefers the company of his dog, Hank, to other people.

Each feels something is missing.

Unsure of her life choices and searching for a path to follow, Georgie returns to her hometown in Virginia. Although he never left town, a rocky past drives Levi’s routine, which isolates him from his family. And then their worlds collide when a scheduling snafu throws them together as temporary roommates.

As they get to know each other, Levi helps Georgie with her quest to experience events she missed during her youth. In return, she pulls him into a world with friends and family. As a result, they discover how to overcome the circumstances that defined their past and move forward together toward a fulfilling future.

(Published in 2023 by Kensington Publishing Corp.)

One of my favorite reads: “Georgie, All Along,” a romance by Kate Clayborn.