Second Chance for a First Love

It Starts With Us

by Colleen Hoover.

I first fell in love with Lily and Atlas in Colleen Hoover’s book, It Ends With Us. When the second part of their story was published, I had to read it.

It’s been two years since Lily and Atlas last spoke. As Lily runs her flower shop and Atlas manages two restaurants, we are thrust into their world and learn even more about their successes, failures, dreams, fears, and problems.

A chance meeting reunites them once more, and the timing finally seems perfect for them to take their long-time friendship to the next level. Except Lily’s jealous ex-husband, Ryle proves to be an obstacle not easily overcome. And someone is bent on ravaging Atlas’s restaurants.

While the two pursue their relationship, we meet their family members, best friends, and co-workers who allow us to become entwined in their lives as Lily and Atlas struggle to sort out the challenges thrown their way and hold onto the love that first united them so many years ago.

The story is rich and fulfilling, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

(Published in 2022 by Atria Paperback, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.)

One of my favorite reads: “It Starts With Us,” a romance by Colleen Hoover.