Hunting Season—Part 4 

The familiarity of her bare skin piqued his senses, yet elicited caution from the analytical side of his mind. He chided himself for being wary…

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“Maybe it’s the curse of modern humanity that pulls us into the cocoon of our own lives. Our salvation is the capacity to reemerge with…

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She spent most of her workday in her home office. Her supervisor and coworkers met with her via online conference, and the company delivered office…

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History Lesson—Part 26

I couldn’t breathe. The Sky People, Grandpa Mac’s homeworld, my father… all of it was too much. I closed my eyes, needing time to think and digest everything Cord just told me. “Sadie?” His voice sounded muted and distant, as though he was calling to me from another room. He grasped my hands with a … More History Lesson—Part 26

Final Kiss

Have Lexi and Gabrielle found their soulmates? A love of art brings them together in “Final Kiss,” a romance short story on Wattpad. Read “Final Kiss” here. Written by Allorianna Matsourani Copyright 2020

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